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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

& then my father~

its 12.19 am..
2 June 2011..
30 Jamadilakhir 1432H..


thought maC 1st June...tgk2 2nd sua...ngehehhehe...

k..mmandangkan td pagi (aka yesterday) i talk about mother's day...

now im going 2 talk about father's day plak..

what is father's day???

same laaa~ i dun know either..

what i know is a day whch we celebrate our father 4 all tat he did 2 us....bla bla bla.. (i know..i know...same dialoque right?? so wat?? tis is a new entry bheee... =P @@ kiddinx!)

ok3...can we move on??? in tis entry...
i wanna introduce u 2 my dad....

which is ------)




ny la my father... i wanna say :


(just in cast u cant see it......or read it...i mayb blurry...or...ermm...ok3..)


i wanna wish ue--

wish ue great tymes in ur life..

wish ue happiness 4 all tymes..

wish ue murah rezeki..

wish ue long life..

wish ue dberkati n dirahmati Allah..

wish ue tgolong dlm golongan org2 yg beriman..

wish ue all da good thngs in lfe according 2 syariat Islam..

lastly...wish ue always got hidayah frm Allah in life...


so next...i wanna say..

Tanx 4 taking care of me when i was little..

tanx 4 taking care of me till im tis big..

tanx 4 taking care of me when i was sick..
[which i can still remember u took care of me when i had a fever...u told Fikri (lil bro) 2 cook me maggi laksa...n u tried 2 find medicines 4 me..then aftr u go 2 work..u ask fikri bout me on facebook...]

tanx 4 sending 2 school..evnthough u're too sleepy 2 drve n xda hati mw drve....ahahahahha~

tanx 4 feeding me..

tanx 4 working 4 me n other siblings..

tanx 4 still remembering me evnthough u're far..

tanx 4 striving 2 give us da best...

tanx 4 caring bout us..

tanx 4 tought me good thng in life..

tanx 4 teachng me about life n how 2 live in it..

tanx 4 giving me knowledge..

tanx 4 introducing Islam 2 me..

tanx 4 teaching n gve me knowledge about Islam..

tanx 4 all da great thng u've done 2 me..

tanx 4 everythng..

n most of all...



tat is all i wanna say..

i can onny repay u with tis..

love n doa...(prayer)

n since u're a man...i dun knw wat man wants..
so i gve u tis!


Tats all..

tanx 4 reading..

u mght get tis n u mght not..

if u did..tanx 4 taking time 2 read it..hope u like n enjoy reading tis .....

but if u dun....wat to do la kan? let it be arr..ngehehehe~

OWH YEA!! i almost 4got..i got somthin 4 ue..


I Thank You Dad, Today

Thoughts of you come drifting back
Within this heart of mine
I take a trip to yesterday
Another day in time.

A time when I was growing up
And you were always there
Put to the test, you did your best
You handled things with care.

For holding out, not giving in
When others got their way
For saying no, my strength did grow
I thank you dad, today.

To you, I owe so many thanks
For teaching right from wrong
For many lectures you bestowed
I sing a different song.

I thank you for the sacrifice
Of working everyday
For all you’ve given in this life
I’m thanking you today.

I thank you for your faith so strong
For many days in church
For leading me to Jesus Christ
I did not have to search.

For all I am, I owe to you
You surely led the way
So many lessons learned in life
I thank you dad, today.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson©2005


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