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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who next?? Ur mother~


1.03 pm..
1 Jun 2011
29 JamadilAkhir 1432H!!!

its da month of JUN oredy...
new months arrive...
goodbye May...


k..mmandangkan its JUN oredy..
so,frst thng yg kta engt is father's day kan???
but..since i didnt post anythng about mother's day ary 2..
so,folks!! tday i'll be talking about mother's day...

what is mother's day????

what?? u dun know??

i know nothing either...

what i know is...mother's day is da day which we celebrate out mother for all tat she did in our life... wanna say ~

2 MY MUM~!!!!!!

wish ue happiness 4 all time...
wish ue long live..
wish ue murah rezeki..
wish ue dberkati Allah..
wish ue sntiasa drahmati..
wish ue tgolong dlm golongan org2 yg beriman..
wish ue...all da great n good thngs in lfe according 2 syariat Islam....
n wish ue sntiasa mndpt hidayah frm Allah in ur life...

all i wanna say is..
thank ue 4 all the great thngs u've done 4 me..
thank ue 4 listening 2 me evytime i cry..
thank ue 4 taking care of me when i was little..
thank ue 4 taking care of me until im tis big..
thank ue 4 taking care of me during my time of need..
thank ue 4 taking care of me when im sick..which im the one who always been sick..
thank ue 4 paying my school fees,buy my school uniforms n my stationary..
thank ue 4 sending me to school n take me frm school..
thank ue 4 buying me books..
thank ue 4 teaching me da way 2 live..
thank ue 4 giving me knowledge...
thank ue 4 feeding me...
thank ue 4 punishing me when i did smthng bad or wrong..
thank ue 4 sending me 2 Solat n Quran lessons..
thank ue 4 carrying ur responsibility..
thank ue 4 everythng..
n most of all...

next, i wanna tell ya 1 thng i adore about u mum..

1 thng i love about ue is that ~
no matter how mad u r at us..
no matter how tired u r..
no matter how sleepy u r..
ue still tke cre of us every morning when we go 2 school n prepare breakfast 4 us each tyme..
n u always rmmber 2 buy those thngs 4 our brekfes every nght...
u would tell fikri (my younger brother) 2 go 2 the grocery store...whch is jz less than 60m frm my hse..n buy cookies sch us cream-O...n milo 3 in 1...every nght..(monday-friday)..=P

all of us has our own memory wif our own mother, rght??
same goes 2 me..

i still remember..
~u tried 2 tke cre of me when i was sick..(as I always be the 1 who always been sick..)

~u bought me a sandal.......jz after u n dad pick me up frm school,,u took me 2 tg.aru org yg jual sandal 2 bg 2 sandal..(errmmm...blurr??? my mum bought frm FB)
ngeeeeeeeeeeeee~ ^^ =D =D =D <3 !!! smart ar sandal 2..p mna2 pn adq pai..
tyme d keta 2...mumy p test...n u said "ihh...ngam ny tw ma mamy..." bah!!! ahahha...jeng3...A SIGN..then i was like "eeee....naa kan.." ...ahahahhahah....dady pn cap " ny sandal tk spa sbnrnya?? " mumy : tk c adiq la...n i was like.."ahahaha...yes!! tp buyuk la mamy yg pkai..." then mumy : aiiyy...share2 bha...
AHHAHAHAHAHAHA~ i still use tat word untl nw... [SHARE2]
tyme d sna..we even met guru...tyme guru lmpas keta 2,mumy cap.." naa...kna nmpk sua kw oleh guru.." hahahaha...

k..move on..
1 more thng i rmmber is tat when i was about 2 check into dormitory...
u were like...errmm.... u ddnt even say gudbye 2 me....n i thought tat mayb u dun wanna get soo sad n cry infront of me.....n u ddnt even cntc me..n i thought tat mayb ure hurtd bcz i left u.....
N after few days...when i ask 4 food,,u always send me some...i still remember tat pau ayam...n u always force dady 2 gve me money as i ddnt hve any money during my stay at the hostel..
lastly...when u were really mad at tat warden as she punished me 4 brngng phne 2 hostel n not gvng it 2 her...& u tke me hme straight away after tat..ahahaha~ (its obvious tat u miss me..) n u treat me GREAT after tat...hahahaha..

tat is all i wanted 2 say 2 my mother...
^^ ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ =D

what??? u dun know my mother???
aha~ doesnt matter...u can jz read..

nahh~~~ i still wanna tell..
tis is my mother -----


n since she likes teddy bear...


n i also wants 2 feed my mum tis..

(As im gud in baking pastries...only..)

n i also wantd 2 gve her tis..

(dun know wats inside though...jz tis picture...ahahahahaha~)

lastly...i wanna say...


Thank 4 reading..
this might be read by my mother...may b not..
but if she did...thankz 4 taking tyme 2 read it n hope u like it..
cz tis comes frm da bottom of my heart..

if u dont...wat to do la kan..
ngehehehhe~ jz wrte tis 2 let out wats inside of me..

Tats all 4 tday..

The end..

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