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Thursday, November 4, 2010

2day...5th Nov 2010..

2day,i dun know..i strt my day with a happy feelings..
biar pun kna jua blk2,tp sbr jak stll happy..
but,jz now..dun knw y im sad..i saw their post..
mkes me feel like sme1 else..i mean,like i dun belong wit them,.
but i knw im not...they would nvr do tat 2 me..
they're my fren yaw..4 eva..lve yall yaw...
frenz r frenz no matter what packaging they came..
2day.,i thought of wat gift would i want 4 my bday..i dun really thought of celebrating doesnt matter if mum n dad dun wnt 2 celebrate..what i want is onny,2 b with my family n da 1 i love..also,im expecting 'a thing' as my present..hope 2 get it..but i dun think i would..haha..its okay..i'll buy it myself later..
~ystrday,ckgu sej scold me..its hurt though..but i juz keep it to made me cry..tmbh2 g engt prob ngn 1st bddy..aiyow..cried in class smpai ttdur..until yana tpuk my desk..wahh....kotigup ginawo ku..haha..truz cm tmbh mw ngis ny..truz p stor..haha..tanx 2 yana,my tears truz burst out kjp jak la i cried..gud3..ahhaa..
~ouh ya.,.in my frst post ny,let me introduce u 2 my buddies..
---1st bddy ...
---2nd bddy ...
---3r bddy ...
hahahahahhaa....mna ley btaw nma..
dun know yet bout 2nd bddy..coz he almost got kick out of da list..ahahhahaa..he love sme1 else oredy..huhu...sad at frst,but tats his decision..he deserves it anyway..coz he would nt get anythng frm me though evnthough he's wit me..ya!!all da best 2nd bddy..hope u get da best in ur life..chaiyo2x!!! plus,we're siblings now..he's my bro n im his sis..ahakz..hopefully..
~i've been thnkn...i would love 2 start a book collection..tats a good thng rght??means,i must save money tat i could buy a book each month..isnt it great??wahhh...excited..
i thnk tats all 4 now..i'll continue when im free again..
~ouh ya..i hope 2 get better results tis tme..evnthough i knew i failed in history,i stll wnts da other paper 2 get high marks..hopefully...ya Allah..kpdmu shja tmpt ku mmohon..smoga Engkau makbulkan..amin...

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