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Friday, December 23, 2011

LR's greetings~!


Hye folks! wahhhhh! i miss blogging sooo muchy muchy much!
and hell yeah i almost lose the sense of blogging... i seriously dun know what to write..what to talk about..or watever..
but after i read all ur messages, OMG! im touched!
seyh! sejak bila LR pndai touching neh?? fuhh~ pndai jdi soft sda..

BTW...LR juz wanna say---tanx for the compliment..though i know my blog isnt really tat nice..n my posts arent so..errr... eye-catching.. ( yea! tats da word! -- i thnk.. 0.o ) but...after readng all of it.... i dun know wat to say.. ( seyh! cam artis jak ) ehehehe~ x la..LR juz wanna say thank u bcoz yall mw jga tgk2 blog LR yg x sbrapa neh.. =P
ow yea....LR bkn x mw promote....but,,,,i dun thnk it fit to b promoted......yet!
as u see..i may have tis blog since, long time ago..but...the fact is im still new..i still not good enough in blogging..since i always been bz..u know...SCHOOL...

But! as yall know...( i dun thnk u know ) SPM last on 14th Dec...soooo.... i am now "Lepasan Spm"!!!!!
fuhh! its really really really really really really really really ( tggu la smpai besok..x hbs jga neh.. =.=! ) LR pn x tw la..just, I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! well...not free like Natalia Kills's Free...just... MERDEKA!!!!!! muahahaha! evil laugh!
so----i got a lot of time to do watever i wanna do bfore..

so...i got a lot of time to do blogging..well..yall think??/
if tats wat yall think, ure wrong..bcoz.......

UNFORTUNATELY... i am anxious thinkin tat i wont get school allowance, during holiday, NO MONEY!!!! like,,,no money???? no way! cmana mw jalan2 lw xda money kan?? oh no!

so! i ask for a job from my she gave me--- help her bake her cakes for her i immediately agree..

well...what do u know?? i am definitely am tired! like,working with no limits?? who can survive tat??? however,,,,,,with the recipe of patience + sincerity + niat kerana Allah = i survive!!!! least for these days..I'll try though...buuuuttttt...i was actually like Cinderella..seriously..but...mayb i felt that becoZ im not sincere enough to do all those chores..ho ho ho! watever long as i done it..

so...i wont have much time to blog.. sad..
ow yea..not only tat i work for tis half-month holiday...but~~~ on 2nd Jan 2012, i will have to fly all da way to Beranang, Selangor...for what?? wat do u think?? ofkos its PLKN! huhuy..
im not tat sure wat to feel...i wanna feel happy..but i got a lot of things to thnk n lots of probs to,  my to live and all tat..duiy..since i dun have a phone anymore..hmm.. ( tat i'll tell yall later ) girls werent selected for plkn..wuwuuu~

so...................( byk jga 'so' dr td )
conclusion = i am very the busy..well not really..but dun really have time for blogging....but i sincerely thank u guys for visiting my blog n willing to share yall opinion & also read my posts..thank you!!!

so...( again.. =.="" tis is my new favourite word people..remember tis.. =.=! )
tats all i wanna say..

Too much talkin makes me hungry.. =.=

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