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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!!


Well..Well..Well... mission ACCOMPLISHED!!!

gne...dlu kan aq pok c lolipop tuh surely xkan ska aq lgi..
bcoz cnta zaman remaja neyh kan isnt real..
n i knw its only for a matter of tyme..
yeah! i know!

n i told him edy..i said one day he wont lve my nymore..
n i was rght!

N tday i proved it... ^^ did felt sad when we lost sme1 who loves us..
but i dun mind..
i still have the ones whom i love n love me.. wont bother if i lose him..

it wont bother if he thnks im a bad girl or a negative kind of person..
as long as my bestfriends n my famy dun..
it wont bother if he doesnt lve me nymore..
as long as my bestfriends n my famy still lve me..
it wont bother if he doesnt talk to me nymore..
as long as my bestfriends and my famy still talk to me..

but it'll bother if he still syg me but my bestfriends n famy dun.. =(

hahahahaha~ good bye lolipop!
i knew tis would've happen..
huhu~ but he wont listen..

good thng i ddnt buy it..huh!
what if i did n he left me jz like tat??! i'll be in trouble...

but i DIDNT!!

he's gone?? its okey...
i'll live..

but if my bestfriends gone???
man i wont live!

if my famy gone??
burhh!!! tat would be worst..

hoping they'll stay..
not like how lolipop is...

who are they??
them la...ahahahhaa!
those who's my matter boys or girls..
i hope u guys wll stay..
sry if i dd anythng wrng 2 yall..
but i wan yall 2 knw, i ddnt mean it..

except ue...kah4x! well...lope u jua la...but onny as frend...ngehehehehe~

tats all 4 tday..


bye bye lolly..

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